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Over and Under the Snow…Again

My students and I tromped into the Adirondack woods on snowshoes for our annual animal tracking excursion at the Visitors Interpretive Center at Paul Smiths.  It was breathtakingly snowy and white, as always. I’ve loved this field trip since we started taking it five or six years ago, but this year was extra special because I […]

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Congratulations, Laurie Halse Anderson!

The talented Laurie Halse Anderson (halseanderson ) just shared the news that her historical novel CHAINS has won the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction, and I couldn’t be happier.  My 7th graders and I will be reading the final chapters tomorrow and Friday, and I was excited about that even before I heard today’s news.  […]

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Sometimes in the middle of January, it’s hard to remember the promise of summer. And sometimes, in the midst of news about a troubled world economy and violence in Gaza,  it’s hard to find hope.  But not today. Today, I’ll join 450 students and staff members in our middle school auditorium to watch Barack Obama […]

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Guess where I skated today!?

It’s frozen!  It’s really frozen!  After weeks of wistfully watching the ice of Lake Champlain form and break up and form and break up again, we were finally able to head out on our ice skates today.  Of course, when you skate outdoors, you have to be your own Zamboni. If you’re looking for me […]

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The truth about evil editors

I’ve noticed that when I talk about writing with people who aren’t writers, many ask about the role of editors in the book-making process. “Doesn’t it upset you when an editor wants you to change something in your book?” Sometimes, when I say no, people say, “Hmph.”  Like I’m lying, afraid the evil editors will […]

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Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win!

If you’re like me, you’re already having 2009 book thoughts…and wishing some of the books scheduled for this year would hurry up and release already!  Personally, I’m jealous of anyone who snagged an ARC of Wintergirls, though I’ve been lucky enough to do some early reading of my own…particularly when it comes to my fellow […]

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Are you cold yet?

If you’re not in the part of the world facing sub-zero temperatures this week, here’s a Lake Champlain sunrise to get  you into the spirit. The thermometer reads -12 this morning, and the snow is squeaky.  It’s…well…a bit painful to be outside, but there is something about the extreme cold that produces extreme beauty, too.  […]

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Chilly Wish Granted

This is what Lake Champlain looked like this afternoon… Okay, in truth, I’m cheating a tiny bit because this photo wasn’t taken at my house; I snapped it on a cross-country ski trip to Point au Roche State Park, where the bays freeze a bit more quickly than the broad lake.  E and I had a deal…we’d […]

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Think Cold!

That, my friends, is a full moon reflecting on clear, cold Lake Champlain ice.  It’s frozen from my house all the way to the island, frozen in that perfectly clear, smooth, ice-skating sort of way.  We haven’t been able to skate on the lake for at least three winters because the ice has to be […]

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My New Website

I haven’t officially switched over my .com domain name yet, but the amazing Theo Black and team have designed a new author website for me.  It’ll be officially launched some time in the coming weeks, but you can get a sneak preview here.

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