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Happy book news!

I’ve been sitting on a secret for a while…but the cat is out of the bag at Publishers Marketplace today.   July 28, 2008       Children’s:Middle grade    Kate Messner’s untitled book about a 12-year-old girl who has until the end of the week to finish her huge 7th grade leaf project, but […]

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Editorial Letters

There’s an interesting thread over at Verla Kay’s discussion boards for children’s writers and illustrators right now.  It’s about the editorial letter — the letter that shows up from your editor a few weeks or months after your book has been sold.  Editorial letters can be anywhere from a few lines to many pages, and […]

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Sample hardtack at your own risk

I visited with a great group of kids at the South Burlington Community Library today — a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.  I read from Spitfire as well as my upcoming release, Champlain and the Silent One.  We imagined ourselves as French and Native fur traders in the early 17th century, and we […]

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Thank you SO much for chiming in with opinions and ideas for title help on what will now be known as “that leaf collection book” until there’s a final title. I just pressed the send button to fire off my completed revisions to WNE, along with all of the wonderful title ideas and feedback you […]

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Title help? Pleeeeaase?

This post is friends-locked because asking for help involves spilling some beans that aren’t really supposed to be spilled just yet. I have this MG novel.  It used to be called SWINGER OF BIRCHES, and then it was called MAPLE GIRL.  I revised it and revised it and revised it.  And then…a wonderful but still […]

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Rainy Sunday Photo Memories

Waking up in my own bed today, listening to the rain on the roof was absolute heaven.  Especially since Friday night involved sleeping three hours on an airplane and another two hours on the floor at the  Cleveland airport. Today will be a day of unpacking from our trip to the Pacific Northwest, laundry, grocery […]

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Notes from the Road

1. Who knew that ALL of the hiking trails at Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park are still under 4-8 feet of snow?  It made for a stunning and fabulously soggy adventure. (Watch for photos of me sliding down a snowy cliff on my bottom when I get home.) 2. On the way to Mount Rainier, we saw a snack bar that looked […]

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Shhh…. The kids are still in bed, sleeping off jet leg from our trip out to Olympia, Washington.  I worked on my MG novel revisions the whole plane ride here, and I’m this close (I’m holding up two fingers that are just millimeters apart) to finishing. I’m having coffee with marshmallow mocha creamer, sitting at the […]

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Two more things…

1.  My friend Julie Berry just got some great press on her debut novel, The Amaranth Enchantment (Bloomsbury USA, 2009).  It’s an amazing middle grade fantasy that I was lucky enough to read in an earlier draft, and I cannot WAIT until it comes out. Julie is juliegberry here on LJ.  If you visit her […]

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Friday Five

1. What are some of your favorite titles for middle grade novels?  I’m in title brainstorming mode and would love to hear what kinds of titles make you (or especially your kids) pick up a book. 2. Three cheers to everyone participating in halseanderson ‘s 15-minutes a day writing challenge.  I love that Laurie organized […]

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