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Where I Live

Where I live, there’s no bridge across Lake Champlain.  There’s one up north, near the Canadian border, and one down south, where the lake narrows, but nothing here.  So if you want to cross between New York and Vermont, you have a few choices: a) Wait until the lake freezes.  Then ski, snowmobile, or drive […]

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Photographs of Home

cynthialord , author of RULES and the upcoming middle grade novel TOUCH BLUE, is posting a picture of her hometown on her blog every day this week and has invited other writers to do the same.  Here’s my first contribution – a reminder that Lake Champlain is home to families other than mine. We were […]

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When lightning strikes…and when it doesn’t

As writers, we all experience those moments when an idea shows up out of the sky and suddenly, everything lights up.  I love those moments, just as much as I love the way nature lights up the sky over Lake Champlain.  It’s happened a lot this week. But what about when the sky doesn’t light […]

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I can finally share the news!

Last month, I posted some photos after a family trip to Washington, DC.  But there was one I couldn’t share at the time.   Okay, I guess I could have shared it with a caption that said “Here I am outside the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian.”  But that would have led to comments like […]

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Gems from the English final

Every June, I ask my students to write a final exam essay in which they reflect on their year as 7th graders — how they’ve grown as readers, writers, and human beings.  Every June, the results are priceless.  Here’s a sampling of wit and wisdom from this year’s kids. I’ve learned that reading and writing […]

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Chamberlin Writers Rock!

Earlier this spring, I spent a fantastic day working with 4th and 5th grade writers at Chamberlin School in South Burlington.  They wanted to learn about researching and writing historical fiction, so I brought in research materials and primary source documents, as well as some 18th century artifact replicas for a little experimental archaeology.  We […]

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The One Book to Read This Summer!

Actually, my students and I are offering up several dozen books for you to devour in the coming months… Thank you, thank you, thank you, cfaughnan !  My 7th grade students loved your project idea, THE ONE BOOK TO READ THIS SUMMER.  I promised I’d share their recommendations with the team and beyond, so here […]

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About Fathers

My dad was the school superintendent in the village where we grew up.  His office was in the junior high school, which was both convenient and mortifying for me, in turns.  Convenient because he’d carry my baritone saxophone into school on the mornings I had jazz band.  Mortifying because if I got in trouble for […]

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Thankful Thursday

(I almost had to have Thankful Friday, but I have 40 minutes to spare.) I’m thankful tonight because: 1. My ABLA agent-sister Tara Kelly just sold her debut YA novel, HARMONIC FEEDBACK.   If you’d like, head on over to her LJ ( tlcadence ) to read her publishing story and congratulate her. 2. I just […]

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Be careful what you read in the classroom

So I’m reading one of our new school library books during my 9th period planning time today.  I’m almost to the end of this amazing, amazing book with a main character I love more than any character I’ve met in a long time, and I’m weeping all over the attendance sheets, when a kid walks […]

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