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Why I’m not a brain surgeon

The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon. You can always do it better, find the exact word, the apt phrase, the leaping simile.     ~ Robert Cormier I’m revising this month, together in spirit  with jbknowles and her enthusiastic […]

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I love librarians!

I spent the evening with a fantastic group of public, school, and college librarians in NALA, the Northern Area Library Association.  Have I mentioned that I love librarians?  Not only did I get to have dinner with them and talk about books all night, but they were a terrific audience for my after dinner presentation […]

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Seeing Sky-Blue Pink

Most of the Cybils finalists for the middle grade fiction category were skewed toward the higher end of middle grade, more appropriate for the 10-12 crew than for kids who are 8-9 years old.  That said, those of us who served on the nominating panel read — and loved — some wonderful books for the […]

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Big Slick

It’s confession time.  I gave my 17-year-old nephew a pre-read book for Christmas.  I read it really carefully, though and didn’t get chocolate on it or anything.  At any rate, I’m not sorry, because the book was Eric Luper’s debut novel Big Slick, and it was fantastic. In poker terms, a big slick is when […]

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So long, snow…

We’re expecting record high temperatures tomorrow, and it’s making me a little mopey.  54 degrees in January is just plain wrong.  At least my family had a cross-country ski day over the weekend, at a state park where the woods truly are lovely, dark, and deep. Whenever we ski these trails, we stop at a […]

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Roar for Powerful Words

The inimitable eluper has honored me with a Roar for Powerful Words. The Award“According to the Shameless Lions Writing Circle — the award was created to acknowledge “those people who have blogs we love, can’t live without, where we think the writing is good and powerful.” Each award recipient then presents the award to five […]

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Want to see my magic writing charms?

When britlitfantwin contacted me a while back to invite me over to her blog for an interview, one of her questions threw me for a bit of a loop. “What’s on your writing desk?” What’s on my desk?  I know she probably expected to hear about paperclips and stuff, but my attention span requires me […]

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Thankful Thursday

Today, I am not thankful for sub-zero temperatures that forced me to scrape the INSIDE of my car windshield this morning as soon as I breathed out. What’s up with that? I am thankful for the following: Everything I learned being a panelist for the Cybils this year for MG fiction.  I’ll blog about this […]

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Thoughts for a New Year…

Beginnings are hard for me.  I’m much better with middles.  When I’m starting a new writing project, I tend to think about it for months before I put words on paper.  I invite the characters over for hot chocolate, hang out with them, ask them about their relatives.  I dream about them.  I start weaving […]

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Here they are!

It’s been hard keeping this a secret, but now I can share the goods!  Here are the Middle Grade Fiction Finalists for the 2007 Cybils.  Comments after each title are my personal thoughts.  I was one of seven panelists who whittled a list of 75  nominated books down to the eight you see below.  For […]

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