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Never say never…

I grew up the youngest of four kids in my family.  When I was little, my parents and older brothers and sister used to wake me up to celebrate New Year’s with the grownups at midnight.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I didn’t know any other eight-year-old who got to get back […]

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Whose woods these are, they didn’t care…

I heard something on the radio this afternoon that made me so, so sad.  Vandals trashed Robert Frost’s summer home in Ripton, Vermont last night.  Underaged kids — police think maybe up to fifty of them — broke into the historic site and had a party there.  They smashed windows.  Broke his furniture and burned […]

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Recipe for a Cybils Finalist List

Middle Grade Fiction Delight(serves an unlimited number of readers)Take 7 panelists (must live in several different time zones for appropriate challenge level).Add 75 middle grade fiction titles. Allow many hours for reading. Now stir in 601 email messages.Pepper with impassioned pleas for personal favorites.Add generous helping of humor.Sprinkle in guidance from Liz, our beloved organizer […]

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December Guest

I’ve been waiting and waiting to see this guy… Every winter, when the ponds in the Adirondacks freeze over,  a bald eagle moves into our neighborhood.  We first spotted him on New Year’s Eve two winters ago, in this very same tree along the shore of Lake Champlain, near a state park close to our […]

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Novels in Verse…Not just for girls!

Many of the 7th grade girls I teach LOVE novels written in verse.  They devour anything by Sonya Sones, and then I usually steer them to Karen Hesse and others who seem to capture that same magic but in different ways.  Novels in verse, well written, pack a lot of punch with few words, and […]

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Five Things

I’ve been tagged by whiskersink  to share five things that most people don’t know about me.   When I joined the LJ Community last spring, I had no idea what this sort of thing was all about.  What’s a meme?  And how do you say that?  Meem?  Mame?  Meemee? Maymay? (Maybe it’s French?)  All the tagging business […]

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Pippi is back!!

I remember loving Pippi Longstocking when I was seven or eight years old.  I was a rule-follower, but there was something about Pippi’s attitude that absolutely enchanted me.  I loved that she slept with her feet on the pillow.  I loved that she had a monkey for a pet and threw dishes out of a […]

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Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam

Certain books should come with a warning label:  Do not read in a room full of 7th graders (unless they’re already used to seeing you sob your way through middle grade novels). Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam is one of those books. I know what a gifted writer Cynthia Kadohata is, but I still […]

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Something to think about…

Did you know that the average American will consume more energy between New Year’s Eve and midnight on January 2nd than the average person from Tanzania consumes in a full year? (Turning off the upstairs lights now…) I’m borrowing this stat from environmentalist and writer Bill McKibben, who spoke in my community today.  McKibben, author […]

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Thankful Thursday

I’ve been waiting.   I started checking out the back window every morning as soon as it got cold this week. Today, the sea smoke showed up. On the first really, really cold, calm morning of  winter, plumes of cloud rise up from the surface of the lake and drift in the pink light of sunrise.   […]

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