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New York City

I love New York City in small doses. 48 hours this weekend was just enough time for a taste of city before we headed home to Lake Champlain. I checked out the Museum of the American Indian to do some research for my new MG historical. It’s a lovely museum, but I was disappointed that […]

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Happy Friday Things

Guess what? Today was the LAST day of school, and tomorrow, we’re going to New York City to meet my Mom and Dad for the weekend, and we’re going to see JERSEY BOYS, and I just finished another round of revisions on my MG WIP, and now that school’s out I’ll have more time to […]

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Journal in the Woods – Part 3

Two more miles through the woods…seven more mosquito bites…and Mystery Writer remains a mystery.  The boys were off getting haircuts this weekend, so E and I decided to take the little black nature journal on another hike.  This time, we checked out Silver Lake Bog, a beautiful trail that starts with a half-mile boardwalk stroll […]

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“…all these books that were for me…”

If you write for young people, consider this LJ post a big, fat thank you note (virtual chocolates and ice cream, too). I just finished reading my 7th graders’ final exams. I ask them to write an essay reflecting on how they’ve grown as readers, writers, and human beings this year. Here’s a quote from […]

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Shrunken manuscript

This was fun!  I’ve read several times about the “Shrunken Manuscript” technique darcypattison recommends at her novel revision workshops.  cynthialord blogged about trying it on her latest manuscript at the NE SCBWI Conference, so I decided to give it a try with my contemporary MG to check some issues with minor characters and story arc.  […]

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Horns on the roof…still…

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d post an update on the cow horns that are on my roof.  If you’re a new LJ friend and don’t understand why someone would do this, you can read all about it in my earlier post.  (Then you can quietly un-friend me if you decide I’m just […]

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Journal in the Woods – Part 2

Marjie and I loaded up the kids to hike Poke-o-Moonshine on Saturday, in the hopes of finding a clue in the mystery of the anonymous nature journal.  Mystery Writer was there on September 7, 2006 and wrote about seeing ravens, hawks, and birch trees along the trail.   Unfortunately,  the DEC log book at the […]

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Journal in the Woods

A little black leather-bound mystery fell into my lap today.  My friend Marjie, another English teacher in my school, handed me the journal 9th period.  A student’s father had found it in the trees alongside a trail when he was hiking in the  Adirondacks.  They looked for a name.  Nothing. They read bits and pieces […]

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Summer Shape Up – June, Week 2

Spending last weekend at home after two weekends away was heavenly. I had a hugely productive week – and met most of my goals (that darned fitness goal got me again, though…).1. Get caught up with work for my critique group. I have a few chapters to read and comment on this week.    Critiqued pieces […]

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Three books I loved~

~ They’re wildly different from one another and all amazing. I sank into our cushy denim couch this weekend and disappeared into THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET by Brian Selznick.  This is a book that’s impossible to stop reading, and it’s a genre all its own:  part novel, part graphic novel, part sketchbook, and part […]

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